To empower the disadvantaged with an education

How You Can Help

We use your support and our skills to create a new generation of gifted leaders.

CUSP Does High School

CUSP first chooses academically bright and poor rural students who have graduated from 9th grade to attend public high school in the city of Kampong Thom.

CUSP Does College

A high school education is critical in preventing kids from ending up in terrible situations, but Cambodia also desperately needs well educated university graduates.

CUSP desires not only to save kids but to empower a new generation of leaders for the rebuilding of Cambodia.

How Your Donation is Used

  • Over 99% goes toward the food, housing and supplies required to keep a student in school.
  • CUSP reduces cost by partnering with other organizations that provide inexpensive housing for college students.


The CUSP program is presently a grassroots and volunteer effort. Because there are no paid administrative positions in CUSP, virtually your entire donation goes towards the students. The costs of putting a student through high school and college in Cambodia are very low. Just $45 a month will provide room and board for a student to attend public high school in Kampong Thom. $90 a month will pay for a student to attend college in Phnom Penh. CUSP partners with Cambodian nationals to administer the scholarship funds and manage the dorms.

ESL Adventure Travel

Teach ESL to high school dorm students in Kampong Thom. Take a 1 week to 2 month trip to the high school dorms. A students' ability in English is critical to their success in the study of the hard sciences. You will make a difference and have an adventure doing it.

Guest House and the Dorms

Help serve on a short term dental or medical trip with Medical Teams International to the guest house and then to Kampong Thom.

How to Donate

Donations are handled through PayPal.

  1. Sponsor 1/2 a HS student. give $30/month
  2. Sponsor 1 HS student. give $60/month
  3. Sponsor 1 College student. give $120/month
  4. Give a one-time donation. Give Any Amount

CUSP is a 501(c)(3) organization and your gifts are tax deductible.