We enable bright, poor rural Cambodian students to attend and graduate from vocational school, high school and university in Cambodia.

What We Do

We enable bright, poor rural Cambodian students to attend and graduate from high school, vocational school and university in Cambodia


CUSP makes high school a possibility for bright poor rural Cambodian students who have no access to high school. By constructing and overseeing a boys’ and girls’ dormitory in Kampong Thom, 28 students from rural poor villages are now attending high school.

CUSP Provides

  • Housing for 28 students from rural villages so they can attend High School.
  • Tuition and room and board for 16 university students.
  • 4 university graduates this year.


CUSP was started with the idea that poor, but bright rural Cambodian students can be helped to get a high school and college education. There is an exodus of young people from rural Cambodia (80% of Cambodia is rural) into the cities. This path often leads to sex trafficking and slave labor conditions. CUSP provides a different path; one that leads to success. Through academic scholarships, CUSP enables a bright rural student to attend high school, vocational school, and university. Currently sixteen scholarship students are studying at various colleges in Phnom Penh thanks to CUSP donors.

Guest House

In response to a great need for medical professionals, CUSP built a guest house in 2009 to serve as a base for doctors and dentists serving the poor. Learn more about the guest house.

The completed CUSP dorm

Completed dormitory in Kampong Thom

University Scholarship students